Customers, Catalogue and Orders.

But also your Goals, your Calendar and your Tasks.






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Manage the entire process, from profiling a potential customer to issuing an order.

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Leads and Customers

The base of every CRM system. A good module that lets you profile a Customer, from first contact made to first Order issued. You can add Notes and Attachments, specify all the contact information and associate the Customer to a specific Price List. 

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The main selling tool: Your Product Catalogue. The modules dedicated to product and document database allow you to access the detailed data sheets, the PDF documents and the various price lists at any time. From Desktop as well as Mobile.

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Orders and Quotes

The core of the Goose system. Designated modules for generating Orders, Quotes and Tax Records, with the option of creating PDFs remotely and sharing/sending them to the customer. The quickest way to create your quotes even from a smartphone and tablet.

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You mark the meeting and the App does the rest

The Customer Rounds module is designed to be fully automated and integrated with a Calendar and Geotagging module.  

Upload the event, set it as Off Premises, and you're done. You have 4 appointments tomorrow? You can check for any overlapping appointments, transfer times and optimal route on the Customer Rounds module via a practical dashboard.

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Your catalogue, your products.

Describe your product in detail and classify it by Brand, Supplier, Product Family or Macro Family.

Each product can have images, attachments or notes. You can set standard discounts and minimum and maximum order limits for each.

Whether it's a product or a service, you can easily profile all your quotes with this module.

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Generate your orders also from a Tablet

Each document, be it a quote or order, has its own product cart dashboard on which you can quickly act to change quantities, add or remove quotes, change the price list and set row or header discounts.

At any time, with any change, you will always have the totals of the document at hand.

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Designed for Mobile

The Calendar and Tasks modules are designed primarily to be used on mobile devices. Easily used on both smartphones and tablets, they aim to create a work scheduling environment, separate from the same tools already available on the various operating systems, which you may continue to use for personal events.


Tasks and ToDo

Tap on a check box to set the Task as completed! Tap on the event to put it off by one hour or one day. Easy and quick!

Connect a task to a customer to remind you to call them, send them an email or forward them a quote. The classic memo that turns post-its stuck to your monitor into digital format – always with you on your smartphone.

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