The easy way to find your Customers


Upload a new customer, set the address and the system will identify their location. Not convinced? well, latitude and longitude are always editable.


The module uses the most widespread API geolocation technologies, integrated on your smartphone or tablet. There are countless Apps that exploit such features, but how many localise all your customers in the surrounding area?


Do you use the Desktop version of the App on Mac or PC?
Don’t worry. If the device does not automatically provide your geographic location via a positioning engine you can set a place of interest yourself.

You mark the meeting and the App does the rest

The Customer's Visit module is designed to be fully automated and integrated with a Calendar and Geotagging module. 

Upload an event, set it as Off Premises, and you're done. You have 4 appointments tomorrow? You can check for any overlapping appointments, transfer times and optimal route on the Customer's Visit module via a practical dashboard.

All automatically prompted by Goose.

You are surrounded!

The Geotagging module allows you to quickly view how many and which customers are around you!

Thanks to the customer classification, each contact has its own easily identifiable colour on the map.

View the classic list of your customers in geographical mode.

Filter, change area, move around digitally!

You can edit the range of interest, change the area or filter by customer classification.

Would you like to know who are the nearest leads? Would you like to know who has expiring quotes around you? or open orders? or overdue payments?

Simply choose a filter!

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