Plan your Appointments and Tasks

Google Calendar

Synchronise all your commitments and/or those of your colleagues with your Google Calendar account. Plan your work days and keep all your commitments aligned with your Google account in full transparency.

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The notification system reminds you of planned commitments scheduled in the Calendar by e-mail and mobile push messages (iOS and Android).
Whether the engagement is for today or tomorrow, Goose will remind you.


The Tasks module is a simple and convenient tool to set your ToDo list. It can be associated to a customer, it is used like common post-its and is useful to remember engagements which you do not wish to mark on the Calendar.

Personal and shared calendar

You can easily and quickly manage and organise all your tasks thanks to the calendar module. Each event can be set as Off Premises to be used automatically in planning the Customer Rounds of the day.

And if you work in a team you can schedule and set events on your colleagues’ shared calendars.

It brings together Appointments, Tasks and Reminders related to your Customer database in a single tool.

Designed for Mobile

The Calendar and Tasks modules are designed primarily to be used on mobile devices. Easily used on both smartphones and tablets, they aim to create a work scheduling environment, separate from the same tools already available on the various operating systems, which you may continue to use for personal events.


Tasks and ToDo

Tap on a check to set the Task as completed! Tap on the event to put it off by one hour or one day. Easy and quick!

Connect a task to a customer to remind you to call them, send them an email or forward them a quote. The classic memo that turns post-its stuck to your monitor into digital format – always with you on your smartphone.

A colour for each type of event

Just like customer colour coding, colours are used to identify the type of event. Customise them to create a calendar which, at a glance, lets you understand how many events are to be managed off premises and how many only require a Skype call.

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