The value of a company is measured by its Customers!

Leads and Customers

The base of every CRM system. A good module that lets you profile a Customer, from first contact made to first Order issued. You can add Notes and Attachments, specify all the contact information and associate the Customer to a specific Price List. 

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The system lets you Classify your contacts in different ways. It starts from a generic profile, which identifies the colour associated to that customer, up to classifications by Sales Category, Origin of the Contact and Geographic Area.

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Importing Data

Especially in the initial stage, it can be useful to use the different import tools provided by the Goose system. You can import your contacts via your Google+ account or you can use more common tools, such as Excel spreadsheets or CSV files.

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The most important data always at hand

The database module lets you quickly view, from the very first screens, how many documents, quotes and orders are assigned to a specific customer or whether there are any set appointments or not.

You can apply filters to the lists, manage favourites or change the data display mode, switching from a simple list to a more schematic grid.

Colourful... is better!

The classification of a customer is an important factor, which is usually managed from the very first contact.

Whether or not you use a colour to classify customer fairness, importance or any pending payment does not matter. The important thing is that you make the most of this very simple tool, which is graphically integrated with all other modules.

From geolocation to planning Customer Rounds, up to the Calendar and Tasks.

Customer Visit Mode

How many times did you find yourself in front of a customer, showing them a product on your tablet, but aware that you might accidentally display sensitive information that is not intended for them?

With the Customer Visit mode the entire system is filtered and limited to a given contact. You will only see the data related to that particular contact in the database. You will see the price lists and prices associated with them. You will only see reports concerning their documents.


All in one data sheet

The Customer data sheet is the starting point to understand whom you are liaising with. It is always important to know what documents have been issued and are open. Which products or services are ordered the most. If any payments are pending.

A customer must also be "found"

The geolocation tools are not only useful to "find" a customer but also to analyse the distribution of your contacts in the territory. For this reason, there are several modules that use the geographical location of a contact. This is what makes it very convenient to plan Customer Rounds based on where you will be tomorrow.

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