The "Documentation" item is found in the main menu, in the “Products” category.
This feature allows you to load and pin your documentation and files which may then be downloaded locally from your mobile.

Clicking on this item brings up a list of the documents created so far.

The basic and advanced search tools are in the top bar on the left.

The list/grid action functions are at the top right. These functions may be displayed or not, depending on the data displayed in the module or on the permissions set by the system administrator.

The main action functions are:

New Element
Allows you to enter a new element in the list.
Allows you to export all the displayed data.
Show Favourites
This allows you to filter the list or grid by displaying only the elements already entered in favourites.
This allows you to filter the list or grid based on the classification elements.

The New Element function is only displayed if the module allows for data input but above all, based on user privileges.

Clicking on the input button opens a new window that allows you to complete the fields regarding the selected Document.

 You don’t know where to profile a Directory for your documentation? You will find it in the General Tables section.

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