How to access the Administration Panel

Goose has an Administration Panel from which the system administrator is able to modify the configuration and manage all key system features. From this panel you can manage Activations, Renewals and Updates of your system, enable/disable Users and import or export data and much more.

Accessing the Administration Panel is a very simple operation – simply go to and click on "Administration" found at the top right of the home screen.


An authentication screen will follow for you to enter your email and Administrator password.


After entering your credentials and logging in you will access the administration panel with the following tabs available:


You can log in MASTER mode from any version of Goose – Desktop or App. A MASTER administrator has access and edit privileges on the main company profiling tables, such as:

  • Company Tables (Areas, Database Groups, Sales Categories, Product Families and Macro Families, Product Types, Brands, VAT Nos., Payment and Delivery Methods, etc.)
  • Product Price Lists
  • System Users and Reps
  • User Permissions and Limitations

Would you like to learn more about the general tables? Click here.

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